About Us


We are Nigeria’s premier emerging companies and start-up law firm that provides wholesome legal service to startups, small and medium scale enterprise and companies.

Whether you are a start up, growing business, established organization or an entrepreneur with big dreams and bigger goals, Garnet LP is designed to fit your needs.

We are more than just lawyers. We are your strategic business partners and our aim is to help you grow your company and achieve your business objectives and goals.

Not Your Traditional Law Firm

There will always be a place in the world for traditional high cost law firms. We simply believe you prefer working with a law firm that embraces a different set of values.

Problem solving and Management Consulting

We routinely proffer consulting advise that help solve complex business problems that affect your bottom-line: helping you minimize costs and maximize profits in your business.

Cost effective and flexible payment options

We will work to find a pricing model that works for you. Unexpected legal bills can be incredibly frustrating. It can also erode trust in our relationship. So, when it comes to pricing, we let you choose how we bill you for legal services.

We Keep Things Simple

We prefer to keep our communication as simple as possible, this way we can focus on your interests and you can focus on paying our bills rather than trying to understand legalese speak.

Tech Savvy

We are always evolving to meet your needs. We love using Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Slack to share information. We collaborate using tools you know and trust. Garnet LP is built from the ground up to embrace technology. We see it as a tool to improve service, not a threat to our business model.

Meetings that work for you

Life is busy and we don’t expect you to drop everything to visit our offices in the middle of your day. While we always like to meet in person, much of our work can be completed online, over email, the phone or video conference (Skype or Google Hangout). We also use convenient and professional meeting spaces to frequently meet our clients whenever the need arises.